Looks Like Green Sludge

Looks like green sludge, but it has the power to keep you young and beautiful inside out for years. Are you ready for it?Wheatgrass juice, the new heady health drink doing the rounds of spas and gyms, is a bright emerald green juice that is supposed to be quaffed down in the morning on  an empty stomach. While wheatgrass juice may not be everybody’s idea of a refreshing drauggt, those with certain health problems treat it like nectar. natiropath Dr. Shilpa Shroff, claims, “It is helpful for anything from cancer to the common cold. It is especially helpful after surgery or delivery, when the body needs to regain blood levels and build up tissues. It is also helpful for those with eye problems.”

Enthuses Dr.Chidanand Murthy, Director,National Institute of Naturopathy (NIN),Pune, “It si especially good for those with bood cancer and thalassemia; wheatgrass builds up resistance to diseases, eliminates body toxins and because of its alkaline properties, is a good diuretic”