Green Blood

The use of wheatgrass juice for getting rid of many diseases has been practiced for more than half a century. Dr Ann Wigmore, who runs her own sanatorium in the US, is perhaps a pioneer in this therapy and has written a book, Why Suffer? The Answer? Wheatgrass Manna”. The basic constituent of wheatgrass is chlorophyll. Although chlorophyll is present in all green plants, wheetgrass is considered its best source.

Enthusiants call wheatgrass”Green Blood” because there are a lot of molecular structural similarities between haemin(found in haemoglobin) and chlorophyll’ found in wheatgrass. This is probably why wheatgrass juice is quickly absorbed in the blood and is beneficial to the human body. Chlorophyll is reported to be a potent germicide that also purifies blood,boost the functioning of the heart, and improves blood vessel, intestine, lung and kidney functions.

Experts point out wheatgrass,loaded with vitamin E, A acts an antioxidant and retards ageing of cells in the body that cause brain and heart problems.

The ‘live enzymes’ present in the chlorophyll are a deterrent to cancerous cells. The juice is supposed to help in reducing arteriosclerosis.

According to Dr Ann Wigmore,”Wheatgrass is an effective tonic,beneficial for arthritis, skin allergies,greying or hair loss, weakness, kidney stones, weak eyesight,pyorrhea or dental infections and fatigue. It not only works on wounds and burns faster than antiseptic ointments, but is also super effective in serious cases of heart disease, acute stomach ache, infection of the digestive system, gas, paralysis, asthma, leukemia and other cancers.”

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